Ergo UNI Rev 3.0

Ergo UNI Rev 3.0

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  • easy electrically adjustable height adjustment, backrest inclination and footpads inclination by hand control
  • high quality parts
  • easy to care
  • ergonomic comfort for your customers
  • high-quality leatherette
  • designed for a long life
  • included roles provide flexibility
  • Through a hand control you can bring your customers into a optimally comfortable but working pleasant location.
    This happens via four independent linear motors and a simply designed hand control.

    Sitting height: ~ 55-95 centimetres

    The chair consists of an, in the height electrically adjustable base frame,
    of an electrically adjustable backrest including a comfortable face hole,
    and two electrically adjustable footboards.

  • Removable armrests and a removable pillow are also included.

    The electrical adjustment is continuous and silent.

    With the electrically continuous height adjustment, you can use an individual working height to work comfortably in standing or in sitting.


    The removable armrests serve your customers to allow easier as-& descending and also to enlarge your working area.

    The delivery time can vary  depending on our warehouse status. But no more than 8 weeks.
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